A Guide to Buying an Electric Bike Online

As the world changes and technology becomes more imbedded with our daily lives, bikes prove to be no exception to this evolution. With the progression of the electric bike industry, we find that bikes can go farther and faster than ever before. Electric bikes also enable a new audience of riders who may have not had the power or energy to ride a bike uphill or for longer distances. Electric bikes offer benefits that everyone from experienced cyclists to novice riders can enjoy.

If you’ve been considering an electric bike as your next bike purchase, our guide to buying an electric bike online will help. Read on! 

  1. Do your research: It’s a large purchase so do your research to ensure the best bike for your needs. Buying an electric bike can be a costly purchase, usually running from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the quality and the technology included. The more expensive bikes will generally offer higher capacity batteries and higher-end components.
  2. Determine your bike type: Just like standard bikes, electric bikes come in various shapes and sizes. Determine the type of terrain you’ll be riding your bike on when you are buying an electric bike online. Outlined here are the most common three, however, there are many other more niche types out there. Commuter bikes are the most common electric bike style. These bikes are great for getting around the city, running errands and riding to work – trading your car for a bike. They are great for arriving at your destination fresh, as you don’t exert as much energy as a traditional bike. These typically have an upright riding position and many have a lower step-through frame. Electric Road bikes are stellar for adding speed and additional distance to road riding. These bikes are typically lighter and have elevated components like hydraulic disc brakes to assist with breaking when going at faster speeds.  Electric mountain bikes are typically the most powerful and in turn, expensive electric bike style. Like the standard bike equivalent, they’re offered in hardtail or dual suspension options. They are great for all types of mountain biking including cross country, downhill and gravel riding. These electric bikes are great for adding a bit of ease to your uphill ride so you can send the downhill. e bike types
  3. Find your right size: Bikes come in an array of frame sizes so you’ll want to find the right fit. Having the right size frame is important since it will ensure the bike fits your body correctly and components such as the the pedals and handlebars are correctly positioned for the most comfortable ride.  At Faraday, we offer three sizes: small, medium, and large, which fit heights from 5’2” – 6’3”. We also offer a handlebar raiser extension if you require a more upright riding position or are taller than 6’3”. You can use our size guide to ensure you have the perfect fit. e bike sizes
  4. Accessorize: You may want to include some add-ons with your bike purchase, such as a front or rear rack, cargo bags, a bell, or fenders. The ability to customize your bike makes it feel personalized and made just for you. To add extra personalization, you can add stickers, fun handlebar grip tape, or even a more refined or comfortable seat. Always ride safe and don’t forget about a helmet.
  5. Consider post purchase service offering: Just like with any large purchase you want to make sure you’ll have the post purchase support if you have questions or if something goes wrong. At Faraday, we strive for the best customer service possible and that’s why we offer 30 day returns, a 1 year warranty and even deliver your bike 100% assembled and ready to ride. We want you to be happy with your Faraday for a long time to come. Rest assured, we have amazing dealers all over the country that are trained on how to best service your Faraday bike. Check out our Faraday Finder to locate your friendly neighborhood dealer.

With so many options, you have a lot to consider when buying an electric bike online. Checkout a local dealer and test ride to ensure you have confidence going into your buying decision.