Building an Electric Bike That People Actually Want to Ride

Fresh off the heels of Faraday’s recent appearance in the Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards (big congrats to Fisker for taking the top honor!), Fast Co. Design published a really fantastic piece on Faraday, titled “How to build an electric bike that people will actually want to ride.”

Written by Fast Co. writer Kyle Vanhemert and based largely on an interview with Faraday Bicycles founder Adam Vollmer, the article could just as easily be titled “The Faraday Manifesto.”  It’s a great piece articulating our hope that with great design and a fresh take on electric bicycles, Faraday can make Americans look at these incredibly fun vehicles in a whole new light – as beautiful pieces of technological art, rather than embarrassing eyesores.  In the process, we hope we can get a LOT more people in the US riding their bikes instead of driving their cars – a timely goal with gas pushing $4.50, as Kyle points out!
Check out the Fast Co. article and some other great recent press highlights on Faraday’s press page.