Building a Beautiful Electric Bicycle: Production Update

Here at Faraday Bikes we know you want more than just an another electric bicycle. You want a bicycle crafted to be functional and beautiful. That’s why we designed the Faraday Porteur, the only electric bicycle that can be described as “art on two wheels.” Currently our second round of production is underway and we wanted to share a peek behind the scenes as the next batch of beautiful bikes are created.
Before a finished Faraday is ready to roll, we carefully oversee every step of the manufacturing process. Every piece is designed, manufactured and double checked to ensure the highest level of quality possible. The very first step in this process is welding the Porteur’s distinctive frame.
The frame of every Faraday Porteur is constructed from high quality steel tubing. Every piece is measured, cut and welded by hand. Our factory is small, employing just four expert welders. We chose carefully, selecting a factory that can assemble the frames quickly and efficiently while still meeting our high expectations and attention to detail. Many of these design elements are too small to be noticed on your finished bike, but we still check every single piece. This level of detail ensures that your Faraday is a piece of art on wheels.
Hugo, our lead engineer, traveled to our factory to ensure the bikes are being manufactured with the high level of quality you expect from us. He brought back these amazing pictures to share with you.

Your Faraday Porteur will be made from one of these steel tubes! 

Every single Faraday Porteur is hand built by skilled craftsman.

Each frame is individually assembled and welded by a team of four expert welders.

Nine finished Faradays frames! 
Manufacturing the frame is the first step towards a completed Faraday Porteur. Want to know what comes next? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or this blog for more production updates.
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