Biking in the Dark: Gadgets that Improve Bike Visibility

Flashback to the first time you rode a bike. Once the training wheels came off and you learned how to balance, you probably learned the next step: bike safety.
Maybe it was your dad teaching you to,“Look left, right, then left again” when crossing streets around the neighborhood, or you mom making you wear a dorky-looking helmet on your first day of school. The point is, your parents were right. Bike safety is important, and continues to improve every day. Check out these innovative nighttime bike safety gadgets below.
Visibility is one of the most important parts of bike safety, and people are starting to incorporate this need into bike designs more and more. That’s why the headlight on our Faraday bicycle turns on automatically when the bike is on, making riders easily visible in the dark. Have a front rack? We thought about that too, and put the headlight under the bike rack so you can still see where you’re going even with a bag of groceries in the front.
Lumos, the next generation bike helmet designed by former Harvard graduates, is paving the way for bike safety innovation. What makes the helmet unique is its brake lights and turn signals, allowing bicycles to safely make turns and be seen easily in the dark. We aren’t the only ones who agree, seeing as the Kickstarter has raised over $550,000, surpassing its goal of $125,000 with six days still left to go.
Another well-designed solution to being more visible is Revolights, which attach to the wheels of your bike. How cool is this? Notice how the LED lights are visible from all angles – front, back and sides. That’s because the wheels essentially track how fast you’re going, and set off the correct lights so you can always be seen.
So, you may not have your parents breathing down your neck about bike safety anymore, but that doesn’t make it any less important. These innovations are pretty cool, and we can’t wait to see how innovation becomes more advanced to give bikers the best experience.