Bike Commuting Myths Debunked

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I think we can all agree that bike commuting has a ton of upside. It’s great for the environment, cost effective and a healthier alternative to driving. Despite this, you and most people you know have come up with all sorts of reasons not to commute by bike. “It’s too far.” “I’ll get all sweaty.” “My dog ate it.” We’ve heard them all. (though we’re not sure that last excuse has anything to do with bikes)
As bike commuters ourselves (some recently converted) we can tell you first-hand that the majority of those excuses disappear once you have an electric bike. So we’re here to address those myths head on, and make sure you have no more excuses for not taking your two-wheeler to work.
Myth #1: “I’ll arrive tired and sweaty”
Nobody wants to shower and change every morning in that dank little gym buried in the basement of your office building. Luckily, when you have an electric bike you can breeze to work – conquering headwinds and hills without breaking a sweat. For those who want the workout, simply keep your bike off on the way home.
Commuting Myths 1
Myth #2: “I’ll ruin my work clothes”
No need to go full-on spandex for the ride to work when your bike is doing some of the work for you. There are also bikes, like the Faraday Porteur, that are designed keep your clothes sweat and grease free through the use of nifty innovations like the Gates carbon fiber belt drive and an internally geared hub. You won’t even have to peg your pants. (Unless that’s your thing. Then, by all means…)
Commuting Myths 2
Myth #3: “I live too far from work”
We aren’t suggesting that you take your bike on the highway, or ride for over an hour each way. But most Americans live between 1-10 miles from work. And most electric bikes deliver up to 20 miles of pedal assist riding on a single charge, turning a “too far” bike commute into a swift round trip.
Commuting Myths 8Myth #4: “I don’t have the time”
Research shows that bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour. That means you’ll have time to a bike to work, grab coffee and get settled before taking heat from your boss so early on a Monday morning. If you’re skeptical, try it once and see how it goes. To make the switch easier, bike to your office on the weekend first to figure out the fastest route.
Commuting Myths 6
Myth #5: “The roads aren’t bike-friendly”
An increasing focus on bike infrastructure in cities across America has helped increase bike commuting in the US by 60 percent over the last decade. Electric bikes in particular can take advantage of this, making your commute  much more enjoyable by giving you the ability to fly through a big intersection without a hassle, and tackle steep hills that might otherwise seem impassable.
Commuting Myths 4

So… are we there yet? Or do you still have excuses not to bike commute? If so, let us know. We’re happy to knock ’em down so that you can make your mornings something to smile about rather than something to endure.
Happy riding!