Twice as refreshing

We’ve been told that once someone rides a Faraday, they want to ride it everywhere they go. So we’re creating an auxiliary battery pack that can double your range – freeing you to take your Faraday wherever you want without worry of running out of juice. You can read more about our progress here.

How will it work?

faraday auxiliary battery pack diagram

This stylish, lightweight, detachable pack will also let you charge your battery without having to get your bike near an outlet. Just plug the Auxiliary Battery Pack into the charge port on your bike and your bike will start to use both batteries (the built-in battery and Auxiliary Battery) as if they’re one.

Join the waitlist

We expect the Auxiliary Battery Pack to be ready to ship in January 2019. Use the form below to sign up for the waitlist and to be notified once we begin taking orders again.