How much do I need to worry about maintenance on a Faraday?

For any bike the conventional wisdom is to get a tune-up twice a year, but you can probably get away with one at the start of the season, depending on the amount of riding you’re doing and in what conditions. For a Faraday, it’s the same. Our electronics don’t need any special servicing and our motor is separated from the drivetrain, which means that working on the gears, chain/belt, or hub is exactly the same as it would be on a non-electric bike.


Can I ride my bike in the rain or other elements?

Faradays are electric bikes, full of high tech electronic components. Like all electronic systems they don’t like getting wet. The electronic systems are water resistant but not water proof. You can ride your Faraday through light mists and light rain. It is not advisable to ride through heavy rain storms and deep puddles. Avoid riding through heavy rain storms. The bike should not be stored outside. The fenders on a Faraday are an important part of the bike’s water resistance, do not ride the Faraday without fenders. The Faraday supplied rubber charge port plug should be in place at all times. If you do not have one, you can purchase one here.


How do I get my Faraday serviced?

Any professional bike mechanic can service and repair a Faraday. We regularly work with bike shops around the country who can step in and assist. Our bikes are easy to service and we manage all support from our office in Santa Cruz.


How can I protect my bike from theft and what about insurance?

The name of the game is prevention. Always use a U-lock. We recommend registering your bike at Bike Index as a quick first step.

For peace of mind, it’s worth weighing the benefits of private bike insurance from Velosurance where you can insure your Faraday for around $20/month. Kryptonite offers an Anti-Theft Protection Offer that’s worth a very close look. For $25 you can get 5 years of theft coverage that will cover the cost of your Faraday. As a word of caution, we’ve found that most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance offerings have very limited, if any, coverage for eBikes.

Finally, here are a couple tips to remember. Most bike theft (here in SF at least) comes from garage and property break-ins. Even if your Faraday is in the garage or backyard – lock it up. If you’re locking up outside during the day, try to find different places to vary the routine.