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Transporting a Faraday



Can I use a regular car rack to carry a Faraday?

Yes, most car racks are rated to handle our relatively lighter weight eBikes (40lbs). We’ve seen Faraday’s on roof racks, trunk racks, hitch racks and everything in-between. Given the frame style of the Cortland, the tray style racks work best for that model.


I’m moving domestically or internationally and want to take my Faraday. Is that possible?

It’s easy to get a Faraday on a car bike rack if you’re moving domestically. If you want to box up a bike, we recommend taking your bike to a Faraday dealer or bike shop for safe packaging. We’ve found that BikeFlights is a great option for shipping and they ship internationally as well:

Remember that our bikes have a lithium-ion battery, so you might need to plan ahead if your trip involves flying somewhere or crossing international borders. Note that our warranty is only valid for US customers and taking your bike abroad voids the warranty.


Can I take off the wheel to change the tire or to fit in my car?

Yes, it’s possible to remove the front wheel for travel or to change a flat. There’s a single connection for the motor that needs to be unplugged and then the wheel comes off as you’d expect. There are some safety washers on account of the motor that need to be installed in a specific way, so we recommend a bike shop handle taking the wheel on and off. Here’s a quick animation to show the process: