Top 10 FAQ's - Faraday Bikes

Top 10 FAQ’s



1. What makes Faraday unique?

At Faraday we think that the bicycle is one of the most fun, yet practical machines ever made. Through breakthrough design, we go to great lengths to seamlessly integrate electric technology into our bikes without sacrificing what makes a bike a bike. The result is a lightweight and stylish electric bike that we think can change how we get around our cities.


2. How does the Faraday technology work?

At the most basic level, we use a technology that’s called “pedal assist.” This just means that there isn’t a throttle and the motor is engaged by sensors on the eBike. The system measures the cadence and torque of your pedal strokes in addition to your speed in order to provide a natural and smooth acceleration. It’s pretty fun.


3. What range will I get on my Faraday?

All of our eBikes have a 20-mile range to cover most commuters daily distance.


4. How much do the bikes weigh?

All of our eBikes weigh in at around 40lbs – some of the lightest electric bikes on the market!


5. How long does a Faraday take to charge?

Our bikes will charge from zero to full in 3 hours.


6. How does it charge?

Our eBikes are charged through the motor controller on the back of the bike and our custom charger that comes with the bike. Simply plug the electric bike into your standard 110v outlet when you need to charge.


7. Is it possible to replace the internal batteries?

All battery servicing and replacing should be done by a professional bicycle mechanic. Contact Faraday to order a replacement battery.


8. How does the Faraday turn on and off?

There’s a simple power button on the back of the bike. Press once to turn on and then a “long press” to turn off. The eBike also turns itself off automatically after several minutes of being idle.


9. Who are your bikes made for?

We conducted a recent survey that showed our eBike customers were pretty split between commuting, recreation, and errands as the primary use case for their Faraday. Our customers are split about 50/50 male and female with most electric riders between the ages of 30-65. All that’s to say that a Faraday eBike can be used by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. Kind of boring, but it’s true!


10. Is riding an eBike dangerous?

The stats on biking in a city say it’s actually more safe than walking or driving. Riding an eBike is no different. In fact, 70% of our customers say they feel safer on a Faraday than on a regular bike. A few reasons why: we’ve integrated lights so they’re always on. On all of our eBikes, your posture is upright, making it easier to see and be seen on the road. Your quick acceleration in Boost mode gets you up to speed and level with other traffic quicker.