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What are the main differences between the Porteur, Cortland, and the “S” models?

The main spec differences are listed below, but both are great options. The benefits of the upgrade to the Porteur or Cortland are less maintenance with the carbon fiber belt (no grease and virtually indestructible), a quieter ride with the internal hub (gears shift internally and is sealed to protect from the elements), and top-notch stopping power with the hydraulic disc brakes. A couple premium touch points in the bamboo fenders and leather grips round out the reasons to consider an upgrade.

Porteur S and Cortland S models:

  • 8-Speed Shimano derailleur and chain
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Cork grips
  • Painted steel fenders

Porteur and Cortland models:

  • 8-Speed Shimano Alfine internally geared hub + carbon fiber belt
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Leather grips
  • Steam-bent Bamboo fenders



Are there any electrical or range differences between your models?

Not currently. All of our bikes have the same core specs:

  • Smooth pedal assist and no throttle – so that it still rides like a bike
  • 20-25 mile range (306Wh battery) – range that you need without the access weight of a bigger battery
  • Top speed of 20 mph – faster than most cars stuck in traffic
  • 250W Bafang motor – all the torque you need for quick starts
  • 3 hr charge time from empty to full – get charged and on the road again quickly
  • 40 lbs – one of the lightest eBikes on the market
  • Integrated lights – provide extra safety and are theft proof
  • 1.75” high volume tires – wide and puncture resistant to handle most road conditions
  • Fenders and a kickstand – sensible components for city riding



What’s the best frame style for me?

It mostly depends on the ride posture and style that you want. Currently, we have two main frame styles: the double top tube on the Porteur and Porteur S and a classic step-through frame on the Cortland and Cortland S.

The Porteur design is inspired by European delivery bikes of the 1940s: built for utility without sacrificing style. It features upright geometry for comfortable cruising and safety. It goes perfectly with our custom front rack to carry what you need it to.

The Cortland step-through frame is popular with both men and women. Besides the easier mounting and dismounting, the handlebars are slightly narrower on the Cortland for a sportier feel and even more upright “Dutch” style riding posture for added comfort and safety.



Can I use a Faraday for _____?

We set out to make a versatile product that works for as many use cases as possible. They’re for commuting, errands, weekend rides, grocery shopping, or dropping the kids off at school. Customers have put studded tires on our bikes to commute through the snow and racks on the bikes to lug equipment around a farm. If you have an idea on how you’d like to use a Faraday, chances are that it will work.



What is the weight limit?

The weight limit on our bikes is 275lbs.



What size is best for me?

Please find the two size charts below. If you’re between sizes, let us know and we can help make a suggestion!

Porteur & Porteur S size chart
faraday Porteur ebike size chart

Cortland & Cortland S Size Chart

faraday cortland size chart