Customizing & Accessorizing






What accessories does Faraday sell?

We sell everything from a stem-riser for a more upright posture on our bikes to curated products like our favorite helmet on the market right now. Check them out here:


We’d strongly consider a front or rear rack. About 50% of our bikes are sold with one or the other. They’re color matched to our frames and provide the sort of utility that will have you running all errands on your Faraday in no time. Rear racks work best when paired with a saddle bag and our front racks can handle up to 25lbs of gear and groceries.


Can I customize my Faraday or add other accessories?

Yes! Our philosophy is to keep Faraday as much like a standard bike as possible and that means being able to customize it. It’s easy to swap the seat and the handlebars can be raised, lowered, or changed out for straight bars. External cable routing and having our electronics separate from the drivetrain keeps things simple. Here are a few examples that we liked:


What’s the widest tire size that will fit on a Faraday?

With the fenders on you can get 2” tires on our bikes. Want to go bigger? It’s possible. Here’s an example of a custom bike we recently built with 2.3” Compass tires.


Does Faraday have any compatibility with child seats?

Our rear racks have a built-in window for the Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat to carry your most important cargo.


How do I install Faraday’s front rack?

Installing a Faraday eBike front rack


Can I move the location of the headlight?

Yes, if you’re loading gear on the front rack we’ve built a mount to relocate the headlight underneath the front rack. This is a bit advanced and we recommend consulting your local bike shop but if you’re interested in trying for yourself, here are the step by step instructions.


How do I install Faraday’s rear rack?

Here’s a photo of a correctly installed rear rack. And below is a quick animation that shows the orientation of the rack struts:


What grip sizes will fit on a Faraday eBike?

The left grip (one with the mode selector) needs to be 100mm, the right will need a 130mm grip. Conveniently, brands like Brooks will sell grips in those size combinations so you don’t need to buy two of both sizes.


Can I convert a Faraday into a tricycle?

Our bikes are designed to be customized qnd our eBikes are front-hub driven so changing the rear wheel of the bike to a tricycle wouldn’t require changing the electronics at all.

Here is one of many step by step guides on how to convert a bicycle into a tricycle. There are many conversion kits available (just Google, “convert bicycle to tricycle”). Our chain drive models are more likely to be compatible with most of these as they’re more common systems.

We recommend you call your local Faraday electric bike shop and explain what you’d like to do. They should be able to help source the best kit to meet your needs and build your very own Faraday tricycle.