About Faraday Bicycles Inc.





Where does the name Faraday come from?

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a pioneering British physicist whose research in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry paved the way for today’s safe, modern electric motors. It’s our homage to one of the greats of science (no joke, Einstein had a poster of Faraday on his wall). A little nerdy? Guilty.


How long have you been in business?

Faraday was founded in 2012 and successfully launched on Kickstarter in July of that year. We raised $100,000 in a week from backers around the world. (Thank you, backers!) Our first bikes shipped in 2014.


Are you connected to the Faraday Future, electric car company, in any way?

Nope! We’re two separate companies both named after the same Michael Faraday mentioned above.


Where are you located?

Faraday HQ is located in the heart of San Francisco. We also have dealers across the country where you can find our bikes.


What is Faraday’s mission?

We believe that no vehicle compares to the efficiency and sheer joy of a bicycle and we want to make it easier to get more people out of their cars and on two wheels.


Where are the bikes manufactured?

All of our bikes are manufactured in Taiwan with a family-owned factory that we’ve been working with since our first shipment of bikes arrived in 2014!


When is the auxiliary battery coming out?

We’ve been working on the auxiliary battery for some time and it’s our Engineering department’s top priority. The final product will double the range of a Faraday from 20 to 40+ miles. The battery will be coming in 2018.


Are you planning on adding GPS or a mobile app?

Yes and yes. The plan is to provide customers the ability to know their Faraday is safe and also have control over some outputs like the amount of assist at different power modes. Once our auxiliary battery is available, we’ll be able to provide an estimate on the timeline for these products.


Is Faraday coming out with other bike models?

Of course! While we can’t give away too much here, but we’re excited about future plans for expanding our product lineup to include other models that help more and more people discover eBikes as the best way to get around.