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Why I didn’t want an eBike until I found Faraday

James and Megan recently got rid of their aging second car to buy a Cortland S. We caught up with them to hear about the thought process of getting their first eBike and why it was the best option for Megan’s 6-mile San Diego commute. James: I’m a cycling journalist, I used to be a...

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There are so many reasons to ride a Faraday we had to start organizing them. Read. hear, and watch the Faraday community explain why they ride electric.


For those interested in tips and benefits on the ultimate way to get to work.

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Customer Spotlight

Get to know some of our customers and how they're riding electric.

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Dealer Spotlight

Meet some of our dealers around the US and hear why they think electric bikes becoming mainstream.

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Design & Technology

Learn more about how our electric bikes work now and what's to come.

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Good for you and the natural world around you. Read how eBike riding makes a difference.

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How the extra range and power makes helps riders get outside.

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Example of how families are using Faraday's.

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Stories and mentions of how riding a Faraday improves health and wellness.

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