The Ultimate Faraday Family

Customer Spotlight

In honor of our Portuer S sale, we are throwing the spotlight on a mom that has used the model to create a Faraday Family. Rebecca, author of the stylin’ mommy blog, Petitemamastyle, is a daily user of the Portuer S to commute to and from work and to take her kids to school. After growing up in a bike friendly family in CT, she came out to the Bay area for college. She has been in the Bay ever since doing conservation work for a public school district.  Cheers Rebecca! For living the Faraday way and never compromising style for environmentalism.

Have you always been interested in biking? What’s your first bike memory? First bike?
I am a longtime cyclist. At times I have done long distance touring, road biking, urban commuting, and triathlon. My first bike was a real beauty. It was a single speed Schwinn with a banana seat and purple unicorns on the seat and chain guard. That Schwinn got plenty of action in our driveway and down the hill to the backyard. When we’d take bike trips on the road, my father would bring along bags and we would collect cans along the way. Afterwards, we would cash in the cans for nickels and donate the money to charity.

What’s your favorite thing about biking?
Biking is my “thinking time.” It’s when I have gotten some of my best, most creative ideas.

What got you interested in eBikes? My interest in eBikes emerged out of necessity, but I have fallen in love. Life gets complicated with kids. Mine go to separate schools, and neither are in the city where we live. Plus, I work full time.

How did you come across Faraday?
I saw one parked in the Haight. I stopped in my tracks and exclaimed “what a gorgeous bike!” Immediately, I did a little research.

What did you think the first time you rode one?
It was love at first ride! I tested (and ultimately purchased) my Porteur S at the New Wheel in Bernal Heights. We rode steep hills for at least half an hour. It was effortless!

What are you doing the most on your Faraday?
Commuting to school and work. I pull the kids in a Burley d’Lite trailer.

Customer Spotlight 2

How often do you ride? How far?
Guaranteed, I ride about twenty miles a day, five days a week. Often, I ride more, because part of my job includes visiting school sites.

Has the Faraday enabled you to do anything via bike that you used to use your car for, or just wouldn’t do?
We actually sold one of our cars after purchasing the Faraday because I can use it for nearly everything I use a car to do. My decision to get the Faraday is reinforced daily. Using it is effortless!

If a neighbor asked you whether they should get a Faraday, what would you tell them?
Go for it! An eBike’s price tag can be intimidating initially, until you realize that you’re actually making a priceless investment in your health and quality of life. My neighbor is actually a bike mechanic, and she’s really excited that I got the Faraday.

Customer Spotlight 3

Has your Faraday changed your day-to-day life at all? If so, how?
Now I’ve got the wind in my hair daily! It’s totally symbolic of how exhilarated I feel inside when I ride.

Do you have a favorite Faraday story?
My favorite story repeats nearly every time I ride my Faraday. Invariably, another cyclist rolls up next to me at a light and says, “that’s a gorgeous bike! Is there something special about it?” I always joke that I’m the unintended Faraday ambassador because my answer always sings the praises of what an incredible bicycle the Faraday is.

Read more about Rebecca’s faraday experience on her blog: Petitemamastyle