Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur
Faraday Porteur

Faraday Porteur

Pre-order your 2014 Faraday Porteur for $300 off retail!

We are sorry to say that Faraday's pilot production of the Porteur, scheduled to begin shipping in March, 2014, is entirely sold out! Our second production run will begin shipping by late summer, 2014. Reserve your Faraday and ensure the earliest delivery possible by reviewing our terms and conditions and clicking the "pre-order" box below.

Our flagship product is the Faraday Porteur – the bike that was dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bike” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition.

The Faraday Porteur will surprise your friends when you tell them it’s electric, and it will surprise YOU when you realize just how much is possible on a bicycle with a little “boost”.  Everything you need to ride safely and comfortably has been considered, from integrated front and rear lights to a sturdy, frame-mounted front rack, wood fenders, accessory bag, and 8-speed internal hub. 

The Faraday Porteur. It’s for doing more than you ever thought possible – for keeping up with your friends, or leaving them in the dust. It’s your daily ride. It’s crazy fun.

Features (see all Faraday Porteur upgrades in our blog)

Where are the batteries??
You tell us … It’s our favorite game to play

Customize your Faraday.
Light load? The Faraday’s unique, patent-pending quick-release front rack can be easily removed. Leave it at home, or swap it out for one of our other accessories (coming soon!) to customize your bike’s style and capabilities.

Be brilliant.
Light up the night with high-power front and rear integrated LED lights. Ride in confidence – they’ll see you coming, every time.

Top it off.
Recharging the Faraday is as simple as plugging it into any standard outlet. You’ll have a full battery in under an hour. For convenience, Faraday comes standard with two chargers (don’t you wish your phone did too??)

All in the details.
Laser engraved trim, wood fenders, and a custom aluminum chainguard – subtle reminders that this is no ordinary bicycle.
*Production model will have a Gates belt drive not shown in photo.

Wait till you try Boost mode
A simple thumb actuated selector switch on the handlebar turns the Faraday’s pedal assist on and off and tempts you to try “Boost” mode. Go ahead, try not to smile



  • Frame sizes: S (51cm), M (55cm), L (59cm). See below for additional sizing information.
  • Shifting is a breeze with an 8-spd Shimano Alfine internally geared hub.
  • You’ll stop on a dime with Avid mechanical disc brakes.
  • Faraday’s 350W motor (upped from 250W from the pre-production model) is frictionless and silent, but packs the punch of a Tour de France cyclist.
  • A custom 195Wh battery delivers 15-20 miles of full pedal-assist riding. Turn the pedal-assist off, and we’re pretty sure you could ride forever.
  • At 39 pounds (without the rack), the Porteur is light enough to carry up stairs or load on the bus.
  • A swiss-made scissoring kickstand tucks out of the way, then easily deploys for the ultimate in convenience.
  • A US-made steel frame and vintage geometry give you a ride that is stable, forgiving, safe in potholed city streets, and comfortably upright.
  • Standard 26 inch, 35mm tires mean you can fix a tube with off-the-shelf parts.
  • The saddle is your connection to the bicycle. The Faraday Porteur has a Brooks B17 leather saddle to make sure it’s the finest connection possible.
  • Bamboo fenders shield you from moisture so you look as great when you get off your bike as you do on it.


Faraday frame size / best suited for riders (check our full sizing chart):

(51cm) / 5'2"-5'6"
(55cm) / 5'6"-5'11"
(59cm) / 5'11"-6'3"

Still curious

More questions?! No problem - check
out our FAQ, to learn everything there
is to know about the Faraday Porteur.