We're hiring

We’re looking for you. We share a vision. We have a lot to offer.
You’re talented, highly self-motivated, and looking for your next challenge. Responsibility doesn’t scare you; you’re a creative, open-minded thinker who thrives in a fast-paced environment. You like us, and we like you - we guard our culture like Fort Knox. Faraday’s vision is simple - bikes make the world a better place. And the world’s never seen a bike like ours. Come share our vision. We don’t care what kind of bike you ride or how fast you ride it, as long as you smile when you hop on it. (And wear a helmet!). We believe in fair pay, hard work, and having fun. As a small startup, we also believe in making sure each member of our team has a real equity incentive in seeing Faraday succeed.

Oh yeah. We’ll give you a sweet new bike too.

We're not actively hiring, but we're always looking.

We may not be actively hiring for a specific role at the moment, but we're a growing company always looking for great people who share our passion for making transportation a little easier, a little more beautiful, and a lot more fun. If this sounds like you, then get in touch. You can click the "apply" button below and tell us what you're all about.